“I had the pleasure of seeing Marisa speak at a conference in Miami. Her topic was on driving culture through difficult times. Marisa is a truly inspiring speaker who relates well to her audience. She captured the audience’s attention with her witty sense of humor and expert knowledge on the subject matter. I learned so much from her and still quote some of her points today.”

Jamie Naughton

Cruise Ship Captain, Zappos

“I recently had the pleasure of hearing Marisa Keegan speak at a major conference.  After her speech, I made it a point to introduce myself and convey my enthusiasm for her presentation.  Marisa is a remarkable speaker who immediately engages the audience and keeps your attention to the finish.”

Karen Mazako

Vice President of Human Resources, Stew Leonard’s


“As a leader trying to make the best decisions for myself and my business, Marisa has been a godsend. She’s coached me through several stages of my career and advised me through moments of personal growth. She’s a matter-of-fact sounding board who has a gift for isolating the root of a crooked issue and helps me think through my next moves. I’m a better leader and decision-maker as a result of Marisa’s help; she taught me how to focus on my strengths, to follow through on opportunities, and keep a level head in challenging situations.”

Kelly Eidson

Co-Founder, Moveline


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