I used to deliver two very distinct types of presentations: Business and Humorist. But I never combined the two because I thought it was wrong to tell a room full of business professionals about the time my deaf brother learned that farts make noise, or about my escapades at Special Kid Camp, or the time my brother and I decided deafness was a disability worthy of the wheelchair line at Disney World. Nope. Those stories were off limits in the business world.

Then I was at a speaking engagement, on stage, when someone from the audience asked me to tell a specific Deaf Kid story. So I did and the room went crazy with laughter. From that moment on I stopped viewing my speaking engagements as either business or humorist and started viewing all my presentations as both.

If you’re looking for a speaker who will entertain and inspire your audience I’m up for the challenge.

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Some of my most popular presentations and seminars are:

I’d Tell You the Truth, But It Would Be a Lie: Ethics in Corporate America: A motivational keynote using a classic Deaf Kid story to teach business leaders how to build and sustain ethical organizations.

Be Your Best Self: A seminar using the Strengths Profile by Gallup to help people understand what they do best and how to use their Strengths to move forward professionally.

Make It Happen: A motivational keynote about overcoming adversity, finding your passion, and making your dreams happen. Of course, there’s a Deaf Kid story built into this one too.

Becoming Better Speakers: This interactive coaching seminar focuses on improving public speaking through real-time feedback.

Creating Corporate Alignment With a Good Story: A keynote or seminar teaching business professionals the power of telling a good story, finding their voice, and getting others to rally behind their vision.

Seeing Beyond The Flip Flops and Margarita Machines: The Four Keys to Building a Strong Corporate Culture: A keynote teaching leaders the four most important things companies can do to create great places to work.

Other commonly requested business topics include:

  • Employee Coaching
  • Public Speaking Coaching and Professional Branding
  • Management Training
  • Building an Autonomous Organization
  • Corporate Culture
  • Employee Engagement

If you’d like to learn more about having Marisa speak or lead a seminar at your next event email info@marisakeegan.com