Culture & Engagement Specialist

Marisa has helped drive culture and engagement initiatives at two nationally recognized great places to work; Rackspace as Culture Maven and Modea as Talent Manger. She believes that the keys to building an engaged, passionate, profitable business are having corporate alignment, leaders who inspire and engage, and employees who take ownership.

Leadership Coach

“As a leader trying to make the best decisions for myself and my business, Marisa has been a godsend. She’s coached me through several stages of my career and advised me through moments of personal growth. She’s a matter-of-fact sounding board who has a gift for isolating the root of a crooked issue and helps me think through my next moves. I’m a better leader and decision-maker as a result of Marisa’s help; she taught me how to focus on my strengths, to follow through on opportunities, and keep a level head in challenging situations.”

Kelly Eidson

Co-Founder, Moveline

Motivational Speaker

“I had the pleasure of seeing Marisa speak at a conference in Miami. Marisa is a truly inspiring speaker who relates well to her audience. She captured the audience’s attention with her witty sense of humor and expert knowledge on the subject matter. I learned so much from her and still quote some of her points today.”

Jamie Naughton

Cruise Ship Captain, Zappos


Marisa can be found blogging for industry leading blogs like Culture Fanatics, Pando Daily, and Fistful of Talent