Cake Fight!!

I recently wrote a blog post on Fistful of Talent ranting about Buddy from Cake Boss who completely blew it when he set up a lame recognition program for his employees and then gave himself the award in the end. Oh, it completely ticked me off.

Another thing that ticked me off is that Buddy never responded to my very generous offer. I wrote, and I quote, “Buddy, I’ll trade you one of my recognition programs for a big cake in the shape of an Employee of the Month plaque that I can throw off the top of your building. You game?”

I think I’m pretty clever…and funny too. Apparently, Buddy disagrees but the “Recognition Hero” took notice and pointed out that another Cake Charmer did a great job recognizing each and every one of his employees individually by pointing out their talents and letting them know how much having them work at his bakery meant to him. It’s a good blog post so you should check it out.

In the end: Buddy – zero, Duff – one.

…truth be told though, I still heart Buddy and will continue to tune in to watch his antics.