To Blog or Not To Blog – That Was The Question

I love writing but have historically been skeptical of blogging. Here’s why:

  1. Does anyone really want to read about my life and what I have to say about it?
  2. I’m a looney magnet. If there is a weirdo out there I’ll manage to lure them in and will have a stalker on my hands. Seriously, this happens more then you’d think. Just ask the police about the guy who followed me into an isolated park because I smiled in his direction. Blogging is just a big fat excuse to put personal information on the web to be found by the loonies.

However, there are clear advantages to blogging too:

  1. It’s a creative outlet
  2. It’s a good way to disseminate information about what I’m doing in my career
  3. It’s a place for me to document my passion for employee engagement and corporate culture
  4. It’s a good way to gain exposure as an industry expert

As is evident by the site you’re reading this post on, I decided to take the plunge and blog. I figured that someone would want to read about my life and what I have to say about it (even if the only subscriber is my momma). As for the loonies, the Brazen Careerist says that “women are more likely to be harassed in their office than online”. Since the odds of a looney online actually materializing is slim, I’m just over it.