Reward Your Best Employees By Firing Your Worst

I have a friend who absolutely hates her life…well, her work life. She’s ambitious, smart, hard working and a superstar. She won’t be in a slump for long though because after only a few days in the market another company offered her a job.

I asked her what it would take for her current company to keep her around and she said, “My manager would have to grow a pair and start firing the slackers I’ve been forced to work with for the past two years. Then, he’d have to stack my team with people who actually give a damn about getting work done.”

Surprised that money hadn’t come up at all in her response I dug a little deeper. It turns out that her now former company makes it nearly impossible for managers to fire employees because they’re paranoid about being sued.

Well guess what. The best companies out there get over their fear of being sued and their fear of having difficult conversations. They understand that bad employees are cancerous and will drag down the good employees. They realize that for every second they keep a bad employee in the company they are inching a good employee out.

Companies who truly walk the walk of employee engagement understand that firing bad employees is the key to keeping great ones.