Creating A Strong Presentation

The secret to creating a strong presentation with ease is to figure out your conclusion first.

Somehow, we’re taught to write presentations from start to finish, but this strategy can make it harder to pull our thoughts together and can leave the audience sifting through a weak message.

The thought process I use for writing presentations is as follows:

Conclusion: What are the high level objectives I want my audience to take away from my speech? These points make up my concluding statement.

Introduction: The same points I’m using to conclude will be used in my introduction.

Command: A strong opening is necessary to captivate the audience.  I find a story, anecdote, or quote can I use to lead into my introduction. This should be relatively short unless it clearly demonstrates the points I’m going to make in my conclusion and can hold its own as my introduction.

Body: Lets face it, psychological research shows that the audience is least likely to remember this part of my presentation. It’s because of this that presentations where the body is written before a strong conclusion can be confusing for the audience. I make the body of my speech good by repeating my main points and telling some memorable stories.

Finally, take all of your notes and re-arrange them so they read as follows:

  • Command
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion