Seth Godin – Cultural Wisdom

Seth GodinIn his blog post Cultural Wisdom, after talking about the negative impact companies can face if we make a bad first impression, Seth Godin poses the following questions:

“Who’s in charge of cultural norms at your organization? Does someone hire or train or review to make sure you and your people are getting it right?”

I think the answer for most organizations is no.

I think the answer for some of the countries best organizations is yes.

In almost every company there are many departments involved in the hiring, training, reviewing of employees and each of those departments can’t help but become laser focused on their part – thus loosing sight of the bigger picture. Recruiting is trying to meet headcount goals, interviewers are desperate to get new employees on their teams, managers are afraid to deliver performance goals laced with “cultural wisdom”.

Who is pushing the Recruiter to turn down candidates who don’t believe in your core values, the interviewers to hold out for the perfect candidate even if it means they have to continue being stretched thin, and the manager to fire and promote based on “cultural wisdom”?

As the Culture Maven, it’s my job to make sure our people are “getting it right”.  That’s what I love about my company. They just get it.