Growing Culture

Culture has to grow from the ground up but can be crushed from the top down.

This means that as an organization we have to define at a high level what the culture of the company is and then empower our employees to create it. However, if we put too many policies, obstacles, or road blocks in the way culture will inevitably be crushed.

Most companies struggle with figuring out how to enable employees to create the type of culture they envision for their organization.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about building a great place to work it’s that it can’t be done by one person – or even a few. Everyone has to own culture; has to embrace it, live it, and sustain it. This has been a huge challenge and has kept me up at night. My title is Culture Maven but my job can’t be to create culture. My job has to be to foster it.

It’s rare for an organization to have people who spend so much time thinking about culture but Rackers are lucky in that respect. I’m lucky too. I think our employees have done an awesome job sustaining our culture but as we grow I am constantly trying to increase empowerment and decrease obstacles. My goal is for every Racker to feel like they have a hand in our culture.

I know that almost every company out there struggles to grow and maintain culture but some companies seem to have nailed it. I’ve been working hard to make connections within those companies so we can pass around ideas and suggestions.

I’m making headway in truly understanding from different perspectives what it is that makes a company a Great Place to Work.