Great Place to Work Conference

I was invited to speak at the National Great Place to Work conference on the topic “Sustaining Culture in Tough Economic Times”. Not only was the conference phenomenal but the companies that attend are serious about their employees, about becoming/staying Great Places to Work, and about being trend setters for culture and engagement. Spending the week interacting and swapping ideas was exciting, energizing, and invigorating.

Because of the topic of my presentation I found myself engaged in a number of conversations about how companies can continue to foster a strong culture even when budgets are being tightened. While money helps fund the “fun” aspects of culture it certainly doesn’t define it. During tough economic times it’s more important than ever to fall back on your Core Vales, to focus on hiring and keeping employees that live by those values, and to drive engagement with your current team. This is a topic I’m especially passionate about so if you’d like to carry the conversations on farther feel free to contact me.

As for my presentation, I think I did really well. Besides the general reaction from the audience, I received two specific pieces of feedback. First, John Horky from Kahler Slater approached me when I was through and said, “either you practiced that for two weeks or you’re a natural”. Second, I was specifically called out on the post conference survey in response to the question, “What was your favorite breakout session?” with an attendee saying “Rackspace. Marisa Keegan is a great speaker. Great Stories.“

I’m excited for next years conference and hope to speak at more of the Great Place to Work Institutes events in the future.